Monday, November 5, 2007

Anxiety Depression Symptoms

Depression is a state of mind which is characterized by a negative sense of inadequacy and a visual lack of activity. It is a mental state in which the effecting person experiences sad feelings of gloom and downturn in mood, which may be relatively transitory and may be due to something complex. The common behaviour includes feelings of sadness, despair, low self-esteem, low self-reproach and discouragement.

Depression is a listed mental disorder which includes altered mood; it may occur daily associated with diminished interest or pleasure in most or all of the activities.

The depression-guide is devoted towards helping and assisting people who suffer from the depression, anxiety, adhd and related disorders. It also tries its best hand towards support resource for family, friends and loved ones in learning about depression and other anxiety attacks related disorders.

We have compiled and consolidated the latest information on depression (including anxiety, adhd) signs and symptom of depression, depression causes, diagnosis, and depression treatment and cure for teen, adult and child. We have also gathered important information on coping with the personal and social effects of a depression, which can become difficult without the proper knowledge. depression-guide has information on anxiety depression related disorders and medicine library, depression self help, depression support and health care professional, etc.

It is possible that an individual's episode of depression may be caused entirely by a major stressful situation or event. For others, stressors may 'set off' or trigger an episode that was 'waiting to happen'. Alternatively, a depressive episode may be completely unrelated to a stressful event. It is therefore not surprising that, in many written accounts of depression, the role of stressful events as a trigger is difficult to determine. Often, the explanations provided by therapists are just as speculative.

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